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sponsored was created by a passionate team of educators, innovators and researchers who are driven to bring advanced learning tools to the world. Here at, we recognize that the current structure of traditional education provides only a small section of students with access to the advanced learning programs that enrich intellectual curiosity and spark innovation. We set out to change this.

In this effort, we created based on the philosophy that it's time we stop telling our kids what they can't do, and start giving more of them the tools to see what they can do. Guided by ongoing research at Stanford University, is the premier online community dedicated to helping students become advanced learners. Harnessing the power of research, technology and innovation, we provide educational tools, unmatched expertise and a supportive community to help unleash the genius within our students.

Our Story was born out of 25 years of research at Stanford University. Spearheaded by Professor Patrick Suppes, the university founded Stanford's Educational Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) in the 1990s. Through EPGY, researchers at Stanford conducted in-depth studies on accelerated learning, and how emerging technologies could support each student's academic needs. This work became the foundation of EPGY's innovative computer-based, multimedia courses in Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Computer Programming specifically designed to help students become advanced learners. In developing these specialized online courses, and coupling them with support from expert tutors, the EPGY research team became pioneers in the field of personalized learning.

As the program matured, winning numerous scientific grants and awards, it became clear that Stanford had developed a powerful set of tools that could accelerate, and deepen, the learning of many students. In 2013, Stanford selected Redbird Advanced Learning to modernize the technology behind EPGY and make the courses accessible to a broader set of students worldwide via was developed by a passionate team of educators, innovators and researchers from both Redbird and Stanford, who understand that developing advanced learners – and supporting their parents and educators – requires special resources. They recognized the need for an online community where high-potential students and their families could learn, share ideas and resources, and tackle real world challenges.

Today, is a division of Redbird and benefits from ongoing research at Stanford to ensure that our services provide the very best in personalized learning and innovative support for the students we serve.