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Do you have a gifted child who needs a worthy challenge in math or computer science?

For over 20 years the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) has been giving gifted students an outlet for reaching their highest potential in math, computer science and logical reasoning.

Through after-school, weekend, summer, homeschool and online programs, IMACS students develop logical reasoning and creative problem solving skills far beyond their most advanced peers. For the rest of their lives, whether in school, at work or at play, IMACS graduates simply think better.

Local IMACS classes, from Math Enrichment to Computer Programming to University-Level Courses, are interactive and fun! Each student is challenged by ability level instead of by age using games, logic puzzles, virtual robotics, and other engaging activities.

For independent learners who do not have access a local IMACS center, select components of our highly acclaimed curriculum are available online through our eIMACS and Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF) programs.

eIMACS (for ages 14-18, approximately)
Web site:
eIMACS offers students the opportunity to study university-level courses in Mathematical Logic and Computer Science, including a College Board-approved course that leads to the AP® Computer Science exam. Students who successfully complete eIMACS courses develop superior abstract reasoning abilities and computational thinking skills that make all future classes requiring critical thought significantly easier.

Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (for ages 10-14, approximately)
Web site:
EMF is a self-study program that provides a deep and intuitive understanding of foundational concepts in mathematics, including many topics neglected in the standards-based curriculum. EMF will enable bright students to complete all of middle and high school mathematics with the exception of calculus before leaving middle school.

IMACS, eIMACS and EMF are ideal for gifted children who desperately need a challenge worthy of their ability. Our programs provide a unique and unfair advantage for your gifted child. Get the ultimate academic advantage with IMACS!

Online students interested in eIMACS or EMF may visit the Web sites listed above to learn more about our self-paced, online courses. To find an IMACS location near you, visit


As a parent, I enthusiastically recommend eIMACS. My son has taken all of the CS courses that eIMACS offers (University Computer Science I & II, and APCS) and had a positive experience with each course. After the thorough preparation, he reported that he felt quite confident during the AP exam, and scored a 5. We have been so pleased that we were directed to eIMACS by a (computer scientist) friend who also has a gifted child. I wanted to find a learning environment that fits with an advanced student who learns and integrates quickly, so that our son could move at his own pace. eIMACS was exactly that place. The courses were well presented, and we knew he was in good hands with the instructors. They were remarkably available, responding often within minutes. I particularly appreciated that the instructors did not just answer my son�s questions; they redirected my son�s thinking, gave him hints, so that he could stretch himself and figure it out on his own. My son loved the courses so much he often had a hard time stopping. It is clear to me that he now has a very strong foundation, and takes away not only specific learning, but also an approach to computer science and problem-solving and that will serve him for years to come. I am deeply grateful for what eIMACS has given my son.


As a professional software architect I can't say nearly enough about the computer science education I received from IMACS. Every topic in my computer science degree came easily thanks to my IMACS background. They prepared me not only as a very well versed computer programmer but also as a strong problem solver. I actively look for the same problem solving skills that I learned at IMACS when hiring. The concepts I learned at IMACS have translated to every programming language I have taught myself, and I am eternally grateful for everything they taught me.


"Overall I was very satisfied with my eIMACS experience. I took eIMACS's online APCS course during my sophomore year of high school. The eIMACS set-up of the APCS course was the most intuitive and easiest to follow of all the online computer science-related courses I have taken. My instructor was always prompt and clear in his responses, and the course material was detailed and challenging, while the tests and assignments were at the right level. The free response questions were different and distinct enough from the rest of the course material and helped me to score a 5 on the AP exam. The course boosted my interest in computer science and came in especially useful during the camp I attended this summer working where I worked on programming mobile apps."


I would highly recommend the IMACS course for any child wanting to study for the APCS exam. I searched a lot before choosing IMACS and am very happy with the decision. This was the only online APCS course that I found which implemented the new labs. My husband and I are software engineers and found the quality of the course material to be very high. Concepts were very well-explained without talking down to the student. The text format makes it easy for a student to go ahead rather than in a video where some back and forth is needed to go faster. Our daughter pretty much studied it by herself and only needed an occasional reminder when stuck to get help from her IMACS instructor who replied promptly. As a parent, I liked being able to navigate through the online syllabus to see how much was done and what is coming up. The weekly email progress updates were useful too. Our daughter could not study APCS in 10th grade at school, and IMACS APCS was the perfect solution. She got a good foundation in Computer Science principles and programming and also a score of 5 in the AP exam. Thank you IMACS.


IMACS has been a transformative experience for my daughter. She always got good grades in math but wasn't engaged because class was just about doing the same things over and over. IMACS gave her opportunities to learn so much more than what was taught in school. Every week, she cannot wait to go to IMACS because the classes are so much fun. As her parent, I can see it's more than just that. IMACS brought back the joy of learning for learning's sake, and now she loves math! IMACS changed my daughter's life in wonderful ways that I could never have imagined when she first started. It's opened up a whole world of possibilities to her that she would never have considered or had the confidence to try before. IMACS is nothing short of extraordinary.


IMACS has given me huge advantages over my college classmates in math and computer science. During my first semester at RIT, I took Discrete Math and Intro to Proofs. Nearly everything that was taught in that class, I had seen before in the eIMACS logic courses. On the first test, the class average was in the low 70's, but I got a 104 because my professor awarded me bonus points for exceptional work. The course has a reputation for weeding people out of the applied math program, but I easily got an A thanks to my IMACS background. Taking the eIMACS Java course enabled me to get a 5 on the AP Computer Science A exam in my junior year of high school. That, in turn, earned me a spot in a Java programming class at RIT that most applied math majors never take. Thanks to IMACS, I was already familiar with several topics covered in the course. I was one of the best students in the class despite being the only one who wasn't majoring in computer science or software engineering. I am truly grateful for the advantages I gained at IMACS.


My daughter is a senior in high school and completed University Computer Science 1 this year. She had no computer science experience prior to this course. She felt the material was clearly presented and the exercises were helpful. When she needed assistance, the instructor provided just the right level of help, and his response was almost always immediate. Overall, she feels she learned a lot and really enjoyed the course. As a result, she is considering majoring in computer science in college. As a parent, I can say this was money well spent.


We have always been very pleased with the local IMACS instructors that our son has had, but the level of commitment from his eIMACS instructor has been outstanding. Our son is a very gifted student with a big heart and wonderful mind, but we know that your program has played a significant role in all of his achievements. His dream is to attend Stanford or MIT to study Computer Science, and allowing him to be part of eIMACS is the best preparation we can provide for him today. We highly recommend IMACS to all of our friends and family


My son is learning so much in the program and that makes me a happy mom! I am fortunate to find a program that is able to challenge him as a gifted child. Every week I am happier to see his improvement! I recommend it to every parent interested in their child's education and bright future! Thank you IMACS, and thank you to my son's instructor in the University level Computer Science class. I am grateful


My daughter has just completed the university level computer science (CS) courses I and II offered by IMACS and received A+ grades. I came to know about IMACS through the local high school chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA). My decision to ask her take the first CS course has turned out to be pivotal as she has fallen in love with computing and algorithms and has decided to be a CS major in college. As a parent and computer scientist, I can attest to both the breadth and depth of the problems in IMACS courses. These courses will be loved by students who are self-directed learners and creative problem solvers who love new challenges every day and are able to work with minimal supervision. The courses are very systematically organized, with numerous interactive problems that teach foundational concepts followed by their applications. Parents can also track progress. The instructors are very timely in offering help and in a manner that forces students to think critically in approaching the problems so as to improve their problem solving abilities. In sum, my daughter has got the conceptual and theoretical foundations for a successful college track in CS. After completing the IMACS CS courses, she found the high school CS course sequence (CS Honors with JAVA, AP CS etc.) very easy and not surprisingly got the �Best CS Student� award. Most impressive was the fact she was easily able to grasp the differences and similarities in various programming languages because of her ability to see through the syntactical aspects and understand the deeper conceptual and semantic foundations that lie at the core of the �science of computing�.


My son took IMACS University Computer Science I as his first computer course in high school. He is now majoring in computer engineering and enjoying internship as a software developer. My son appreciated learning a radically different language like Scheme early on. He said: "Different languages have different paradigms. It was nice to understand that not all languages approach problems in fundamentally the same way." His approach to learning Chinese from me reflected just that. He is not satisfied with just memorization, but continuously probes about its underlying structure and usage in ways that never occurred to me which makes learning a great discovery process. He also appreciated the course for its good scope, good pace, and good introduction to computer science. Thank you Mr Terry Kaufman for providing a great balance of support and challenge. My son enjoyed the course because the learning process was much like puzzle solving. If I could go back in time, I would have enrolled him in additional IMACS courses earlier on.


My son has completed the first three EMF classes and is excited about continuing with them next school year. This is the first math program that I don't have to remind him to do, even though it is quite challenging and occasionally difficult for him. The desire to level-up his avatar, combined with the interesting problems, has kept him wanting to learn and working hard to learn very advanced concepts. We have seen his focus and academic maturity grow as he completes the classes. My daughter started taking eIMACS three years ago with the first logic course and has loved them since she started; this year she chose to take two courses! From the beginning the courses have not only challenged her, but kept her interested and excited to learn new things. I have been impressed with the concepts she is learning and by the amount of academic maturity the courses have drawn out of her. What she would tell you is that the first course she took with eIMACS made her like math again! The courses require a lot of effort, but the amount of learning that takes place is worth that effort. My daughter loves that the classes do not talk down to her or try to disguise learning as a game; they treat the student as someone who is competent and intelligent and willing to work. In addition, her teachers have been very responsive to her questions and quick to grade assignments. They have been only positive and encouraging toward her, taking an interest in her as an individual. For us, these classes have been a wonderful find!