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Conservatory Prep Senior High School is a progressive, private high school located in the heart of Broward County, in Davie, Florida, focused on nurturing inquisitive learners through a college-preparatory curriculum. Our teaching methods incorporate experiential learning and the integration of the performing and visual arts. Our school is designed to meet the needs of gifted and creative students who think out of the box, with fresh ideas. We offer a small classroom setting where students learn for mastery of content, rather than preparing for a standardized test.?

Our curriculum requirements exceed the State of Florida guidelines, as our students complete four (4) years in each of the core academic areas: Mathematics, Latin, Science, English and Social Studies. Students learn about the American Revolution through theater, art, music and culinary arts from that historic period. Students engage in English class while also drafting original screenplays and receiving instruction in film making. Physics is presented through a scientific exploration of the powers of superheroes, while geometry is conveyed through an examination of artistic masterpieces and natural designs. While we utilize the arts as our primary methodology of teaching, we also integrate problem-based learning into many of our classes, and concentrate on developing students' research and writing skills.

We embrace the diversity of our student population and welcome families from a variety of ethnic, religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. Additionally we word diligently to bring our 2E students into our warm, reassuring learning atmosphere. Whether the child is subject to ADD, Hyperactivity, personal or learning anxiety we have a place for them in our welcoming learning environment. Please ask us how we can help your child prosper in our educational setting.

Conservatory Prep Senior High School is fully accredited by SACS-CASI (AdvancED) and maintains membership in both the Independent Curriculum Group and the National Association for Gifted Children.