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Truman Summer Academies

The Truman Institute, at Truman State University, offers highly talented students a head start on their future university careers through three outstanding residential programs: The Joseph Baldwin Academy (JBA), the Summer Talent Academy for Professions in Health (STAPH), and the Zombie Scholars Academy: A Problem-Based Exploration of Science, Literature, and Leadership (ZSA).

We believe that many middle school and high school students crave a challenge that reaches well beyond what their home schools have the time or resources to offer. The primary goal of our academies is, and will always be, that our students leave with an increased appreciation for the pleasures of education, intellectual engagement, and the college experience. Along the way we expect that they will grow both academically and socially as they interact with other high-ability students from across the country.

Joseph Baldwin Academy students enroll in one of 20 three-week courses in topics as diverse as Chemistry, Argumentation, Theater, Creative Writing, Film, Astronomy, Computer Programming, Mathematics, Animation, History, Journalism, and Biology. With over 90 contact hours of classroom instruction and engaging field trips, students benefit from direct contact with a talented college professor and for nearly the same amount of time a college student would experience in two entire courses! When not in class, JBA students are immersed in exiting activities and social experiences that build character and develop social skills.

STAPH students enjoy a week-long, integrated curriculum that exposes them to a range of health profession disciplines including medicine, nursing, communication disorders, athletic training, emergency response, and more, all while exploring the state of the art facilities at Truman and neighboring AT Still University of Health Sciences – the founding college of Osteopathic medicine. Founded with the goal of encouraging more students to pursue study in health fields, the program has successfully graduated numerous students who are already actively studying for their future careers.

Finally, Zombie Scholars Academy students engage in a week-long simulation of a world in crisis, drawing from disciplines as diverse as neurobiology, epidemiology, mathematics, creative writing, film, military science, psychology, and philosophy to better understand how people solve programs in real-life crisis situations. Built on the premise that students learn to grapple with challenging questions in an active but relaxed atmosphere, this program takes the chilling, yet often humorous, concept of the “zombie apocalypse” and turns it on its head.

Committed to affordability and in keeping with Truman’s mission as a highly selective public liberal arts and sciences university, these summer experiences are among the most affordable of their kind in the nation without sacrificing quality.

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