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Courses serve Graduate AND Undergraduate Students:

ONLY 12 ONLINE credit hours to earn the TAG endorsement

Expand your skills as an educator and administrator, and experience the rewards of teaching intelligent and engaged learners by obtaining your pre-Kdg-12 Talented and Gifted (TAG) Endorsement from Drake University. Our award-winning curriculum provides high-quality content you won’t find in other programs and our innovative use of technology makes it easier than ever to become endorsed.

With all classes online, you can take classes when they fit your schedule. Classes last from four to eight weeks and the endorsement can easily be completed in one year.

But we don’t sacrifice content for brevity: Drake’s School of Education is known for its top-notch curriculum, and the TAG endorsement is no exception. As part of your program you will complete a practicum in your own school district or area, providing valuable hands-on experiences with gifted kids and teachers.

Upon completion of your PK-12 endorsement, you’ll have access to the extensive Drake network present in numerous school districts throughout the nation. With the TAG endorsement, you will have skills to promote and nurture the abilities of talented and gifted children and further their well-being.

Apply today and make a difference in students’ lives.

12-credit-hour program for Graduate and Undergraduate students
GT Competency areas: Psychology of gifted, Programming, Admin/Supervision & Practicum
All courses fully online for one(4 weeks), two(6 weeks), or three(8 weeks) credits
Courses are led by experienced, knowledgeable, well-educated faculty

Drake University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
Approved by the Iowa Department of Education
Endorsement is valid in all states. Check with your state dept. of education.
Students from 28 states and 8 countries!
Curriculum based on National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) standards.

Start classes NOW and apply later. Email to register.
Complete your Masters of Education (MSE) online with only 17 core credits

For the TAG endorsement, you can choose from a variety of courses offered at Drake with up to six transfer hours. You must take at least one course from each of the four content areas:
• Psychology of the Gifted
• Programming for the Gifted
• Administration and Supervision of Gifted Programs (required 1 cr)
• Practicum Experience- Schedule locally (required 1 cr)

Only 12 hours for Drake University to recommend you to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE). Valid in all states. Check with your own Department of Education.

Enroll today! Classes cap at 20 students so you get individual attention.

Sally R. Beisser, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Education
Talented & Gifted Online Endorsement Program Director/Advisor
(o) 515-271-4850

Valerie Thacker, M.A. School of Education Graduate Admissions Coordinator
(o) 515-271-2552

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My experiences with the Drake University TAG endorsement program has been beneficial thus far. As an undergrad student, I am finding these online courses a realistic and relevant addition to my degree. While there are some challenges that come with being an undergrad student in a typically Master's level program, the instructors have been working with me to make the information applicable to my current situations as a student, as well as my future aspirations as a teacher. I am learning a lot of crucial information about gifted education and how it is (or is not) being implemented in the schools. This knowledge will benefit not only me, but my future students as well.


I am about three fifths of the way through the Gifted and Talented endorsement program and I truly could not be more thrilled with the program. The courses are excellent, the staff and professors are caring, and the program allows for so much flexibility! I took a class with Dr. Beisser for my core requirements in the TEPD program and learned a lot about the program through her. In the courses I have taken so far I have been consistently impressed with the understanding and compassion the instructors have had in helping me tailor the courses and assignments to meet my own needs. There are few endorsement programs available that really incorporate Early childhood education but all of my professors have worked with me to find and build these connections. I could rave on and on but for my final piece I will say, I highly recommend EDUC 293, the course on Creativity and Gifted. That course helped me grow as both a teacher and as a professional. Thanks for everything!


This program provides fantastic background knowledge which has allowed me to truly understand the importance of challenging my gifted students. The courses and textbooks provide applicable, meaningful information that I am very excited to use in my classroom. The professors are knowledgeable, efficient, and very dedicated to this program, which makes them fun to work with! As a gen ed classroom teacher I am so glad I enrolled in this program, and I highly recommend it to others!


This class was easily one of the best classes I have taken in my lifetime (I have a BA in psychology and an MA in secondary education). It helped me understand the history, definitions, and various assessments of creativity. My absolute favorite aspects of the class were the personal and professional creativity projects. I appreciated the personal creativity project because I was simply encouraged to stretch my creative muscles! I am a firm believer that the more creativity you use, the more you have-- and this class supported that belief with this project. The professional creativity project allowed me to take what I learned and generate a unit that I wholeheartedly think my students will LOVE. I cannot say enough about this class, from the content to the resources to the professor (Dr. Beisser). Highly recommend!!!


The Drake TAG endorsement program has been a great experience so far. Working with the staff to enroll in coursework has been quick and easy. The courses have been helpful not only in understanding the academic and social-emotional needs of gifted students, but all my students. I really like the fact that many of the learning and projects can be tailored to my own classroom experiences and used in the future. I also like the consistent interaction with students from all over the country. I have learned a lot from the knowledgeable instructors, and I look forward to future coursework!


I chose Drake's Talented and Gifted Endorsement Program because I was able to choose coursework that meets my needs and interests from a wide variety of options. Although the courses are offered online, students engage in collaborative work and discussions with fellow teachers from across the country through blogs, wikis, and phone chats. The videos and readings added to my knowledge base, and the assignments were meaningful for a teacher in the field of gifted education. I highly recommend this program.