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You find a math problem in a book, or maybe on a contest, or maybe your teacher tells you the problem. You work on it for a half-hour. Then another half-hour. It bugs you and bugs you because you know that other kid who wins all the trophies knows how to do the problem. You want to win the trophies, too, but that's not why you spend another half-hour on the problem. You want to know the answer. More than just the answer, you want to know how to do the problem.

Finally, you give up and look up the answer. The solution mostly makes sense, but you're not entirely satisfied. You may not even know why you're not satisfied. You're not satisfied because the solution didn't answer the most important question...

How would I have thought of that?

The creators of this site were this student once. We were the kids who wanted to win the trophies. We worked hard and became the kids who won the trophies. The trophies are in attics now. The problem-solving skills, the love of mathematics, and the friendships forged with peers with similar interests remain. We've applied the skills we've developed through mathematics to a variety of fields in college, then in the professional world.

Now we've returned to our starting point - the student in a room, chewing on a pencil, staring at a question, giving up, reading the answer, and thinking...

How would I have thought of that?

This time you are the student. We are building this site for you, to provide a resource you can turn to.

You're stuck on a problem, so you write friends in the Community. You practice with Alcumus. You watch a video. You take an online class. You pick up a book. You don't give up. You learn how to think of the solution. You solve the problem. Then you think...

Next problem.