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The Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA) is dedicated to the intellectual, creative, and personal growth of our nation’s gifted and high-potential youth. Central to the mission of IEA is a commitment to the development of the whole child through engaging educational experiences that promote optimal challenge, mentorship, exploration of ideas, and recognition of personal potential. IEA seeks to connect like-minded individuals and supports a diverse community that creates a sense of belonging and affirmation.

•IEA is an advocate for all gifted students. Giftedness occurs in every culture and every ethnic and social group, and our participants are diverse with regard to race, culture, socioeconomic background, gender, age, geography, and educational background. Financial aid is available to families in need for all of IEA's tuition-based programs.

•IEA aims to advocate for the needs of gifted children on a national level, including spearheading a Public Policy Initiative to better communicate their needs to the general public. We host monthly support meetings for parents and educators of gifted children and work to increase recognition of giftedness.

•IEA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We rely on the support of foundations, corporations, and individuals like you to provide our programs and services for bright, deserving young minds.

•There is a great deal of misunderstanding when it comes to gifted youth. IEA gives voice to these children, dispelling myths and educating the public on the facts about gifted individuals.

•Gifted children bring a complexity of thought to home and learning environments that often requires specialized programs and services to meet their unique needs. IEA addresses these needs in multiple ways: programs and services for gifted youth; consulting for parents, families, and educators; advocacy for gifted students; and IEA’s Gifted Resource Center, an online database.

•IEA's programs include:
- Academy advanced enrichment classes (Grades K-8)
- Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship (Grade 7)
- EXPLORE externships and mentorship opportunities (Grades 9-11)
- LABS one day STEM workshops (Grades 7-12)
- Yunasa summer camps for gifted youth (Ages 10-15)